Hatchet, Dream Interpretation

Smashing, destroying, Ps. 74:6

See Axe.

(See Ax)

See Axe. Either bury it or excavate it. You have, or think you have, an axe to grind.

You will be in danger soon. Anxiety and trouble.

1. Tremendous emotional discomfort, fear and anxiety.

2. To defame or libel an individual or reputation (as in a “hatchet job”).

3. Reconciliations are possible.

Dreams of a hatchet represent that you are chopping down debris that stands in the way of you accessing to your true path; you are cutting through the jungle of your mind to find certainty and clarity. See Knife and Kill.

A hatchet seen in a dream, denotes that wanton wastefulness will expose you to the evil designs of envious persons.

If it is rusty or broken, you will have grief over wayward people.

A small hatchet used in a dream predicts that you will do someone a wrong if you do not curb any tendency you may have toward gossip-.

Hatchet | Dream Meanings

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Islamic Dream Interpretation

(Hatchet) An ax in a dream means receiving help, increase in one’s earnings, recovering from a migraine headache, recovering from an illness, or it could mean begetting a son. Holding an ax in one’s hand in a dream means becoming a guardian, an executor of a will, a trustee, becoming steadfast in one’s religion, or it could mean overcoming one’s enemy. It is said that an ax in a dream means harm, disruption and scattering of one’s livelihood.

An ax in a dream also represents a servant, a housekeeper, strength, victory or perhaps an insolent person or it could denote one’s job. (Also see Adz)... Islamic Dream Interpretation

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