Hedgehog, Dream Interpretation

Solitude or separation, Isa. 14:23

The hedgehog can represent nastiness and bad manners, or quite literally our inability to handle a prickly situation.

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To dream of a hedgehog indicates vigilance to things that happen to you and around you. This can cause you to be defensive and hurt yourself and others. Sometimes seeing a hedgehog is interpreted as losing one’s soul. Make sure you are always in touch with your feelings and open your mind and heart to people.

See Porcupine.

interpreted upon 4 sides: woman & forbidden wealth, life & acquirement of [something] desired.

(See Porcupine)

To see a hedgehog in your dream suggests that you are being overly sensitive. You tend to take everything too personally.

Your kindness will be taken advantage of.

1. Sensitivity, seriousness, possible defensiveness.

2. A grave or moral decision in the offing.


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Gypsy Dream Dictionary

Indicates business embarrassments, though some Gypsies say it means a better job but disappointment in friends.... Gypsy Dream Dictionary
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