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The Gypsies say that to dream of hedges means you will be involved in some important discussions.

The Romani word for a conference is bouri-pennen, which literally translates as “hedge gathering,” from the fact that such a meeting often takes place along or under the hedgerow

(Enclosure; Fence; Surrounding) If the green hedges of a fruit garden climb toward the outside of the fence and the trees remain inside the garden in a dream, it means improper attitude toward one’s religion, or loss of worldly status, business losses, failure to repent, or giving preference to the company of ignorant and boastful people over the company of righteous people, or it could mean lack of adequate religious devotion, rejecting one’s religion, or raising the esteem of commoners above the elect.

If one sees that the green hedges are replaced with a wall, a fence, or a ditch in the dream, it represents the rising star of the owner of such a garden. Hedges in a dream also represent one’s religion and the trees represent one’s religious duties. Hedges in a dream also represent one’s family, relatives, or his trade. Ifhedges are interpreted to mean the world, then they could also represent one’s family, relatives, progeny, one’s religious life and the deeds that could save one from suffering in hell-fire.

A green and flourishing Hedge is a good sign. But if in your dream, they are obstacles to your path, then you must expect difficulties, as with all such dreams.

To dream of hedges of evergreens, denotes joy and profit. Bare hedges, foretells distress and unwise dealings.

If a young woman dreams of walking beside a green hedge with her lover, it foretells that her marriage will soon be consummated.

If you dream of being entangled in a thorny hedge, you will be hampered in your business by unruly partners or persons working under you.

To lovers, this dream is significant of quarrels and jealousies.

Strolling along a hedgerow with a person of the opposite sex is an indication of a happy outcome of a problem that may be vexing you, especially in love affairs.

If the hedge seems to be an obstruction of progress, lovers may expect quarrels or other events that will stand in the way of their marriage.

If green and neatly trimmed, hedges are an augury of a well-ordered life.

Hedges | Dream Interpretation

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Mystic Dream Book

As a rule, any indication of Nature’s goodwill is a tavourable sign. See also such omens as CORNFIELD, FLOWERS, HARVEST, HEDGES, TREES.

To the lover, it is a sign of future happiness; to those in difficulties, a proof of speedy relief.

If you gather the Acorns in your dream, it is supposed to indicate a legacy, or some good fortune from outside your own life.... Mystic Dream Book

Mystic Dream Book

Trees are fortunate, being one of Nature’s own blessings. See also HEDGES.... Mystic Dream Book

Islamic Dream Interpretation

(See Hedges)... Islamic Dream Interpretation

Little Giant Encyclopedia

Isolation, obstacle, but also natural living space.

The border between two worlds (in mythology, witches are said to sit on hedges, one leg in one world, the other leg in the other world).... Little Giant Encyclopedia

My Dream Interpretation

To see hedges in your dream symbolizes obstacles that are blocking your progress.

To dream that you (or a gardener) are trimming a hedge, means you have accepted the restrictions you are facing and are now making the best out of a negative situation.... My Dream Interpretation

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