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One who finds it easier to hide than to face their problems; see “animals”

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Ten Thousand Dream Dictionary

also see Animals

1- To have a bear appear alive in a dream indicates aggression, or if it is dead, the handling of one’s deeper negative instincts.

To dream of a toy bear i.e. a teddy bear shows a childlike need for security.

2- Psychologically; we have recognised the need to meet the force of our own creativity.

3- The bear symbolises spiritual strength and power, both latent for example, when a bear hibernates and also apparent.... Ten Thousand Dream Dictionary

Dream Meanings of Versatile

The bear symbolizes spiritual strength and power, both latent – for example, when a bear hibernates – and also apparent. In shamanism the bear is a very powerful totem animal – a form of guardian.... Dream Meanings of Versatile

The Bedside Dream Dictionary

A bear in a dream is a very rich and complicated dream symbol. In order to understand it, objective association need to be made. Bears are solitary animals and the females are solitary mothers. They hibernate in a cave and they are generally not predatory animals.

A bear is only aggressive when provoked, and as such times he is dangerous and deadly. Bears in dreams may represent a period of introspection and depression. However, this may be a part of a healing cycle, where the dreamer has retreated into himself in order to regenerate and in order to create something new and valuable in his life. Bears are highly regarded symbols in a variety of cultures and traditions, including the Native American tradition. Carl Jung said that all wild animals represent latent affects (feelings and emotions).

The interpretation of the bear in a dream may be influenced by your perception of it and by the events in the dream.

The bear may represent qualities in your character or specific aspects of your personality. Bears are usually associated with danger and aggression, but this is a very narrow view of this powerful dream symbol. ... The Bedside Dream Dictionary

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