Highway, Dream Interpretation

Driving down a highway may comment that you have chosen the high road, a path least traveled, or a path of wisdom and spintual truth. It may represent a well-traveled or well- paved direction in which many can travel.

A crowded highway may represent frustration with others who are moving too slowly, such as in making a decision at work.

Symbolic of the path of an upright person, Prov. 15:19

Pay attention to name and/or number, directions right or left, for each has a meaning

Vision: Seeing or walking along an endless highway is not a good sign: you must deal with and overcome many difficulties 011 your job or in business. Success is far in the distance.

Depth Psychology: See Avenue, Street, Walkway.

(See Wandering)

On life’s journey, are you moving along fast, or are you stuck in a traffic jam? Are you rushing or taking a leisurely trip? As a traffic symbol, as in Driving a Car and Auto, it almost always has sexual undertones. Is the highway crowded (I must defend myself against many rivals) or is it empty (I am going my own way)? Are there any complications during the trip, like accidents, breakdowns, or difficult traffic situations? This would always correspond to problems in the present.

In dreams, highways represents your sense of direction and your life’s path.

A smooth, straight highway signifies inner peace and a trouble-free journey ahead for you, while a winding, bumpy road reflects emotional disharmony and difficulties in your near future.

To dream of walking on a highway during the daytime suggests that you are headed towards a big future - the possibilities are endless! If you were walking on a highway at night, this signifies your struggle for contentment.

The road you are traveling. Notice any patterns stamped on the highway, they could be speaking of your internal patterns. 

Highway | Dream Meanings

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Mystic Dream Book

Astonishing information which will be to your advantage.... Mystic Dream Book

The Language of Dreams

(see Bits, Car, Path)

Highways carry you toward, or away from, someone or something. Other parts of the dream are important to meaning here, such as billboards, buildings, and people or vehicles that are traveling on the same highway.

Being lost on the highway: Needing to make a decision, but not having a clear picture of what all the options offer. Alternatively, feeling as if you have lost your faith or spiritual focus.

Stranded on a highway: A type of desertion dream. Also, a need within to reach out and ask for aid, otherwise the vehicle of your life may remain stalled.

Hitchhiking down: Wanderlust; the desire to release all responsibilities and experience some adventure. Alternatively, riding on someone else’s talents, abilities, or finances, instead of being independent.

Fork in the road: A determination that must be made fairly quickly or the opportunity may be lost. Two vehicles taking separate parts of this fork represent individuals or situations moving away from one another.... The Language of Dreams

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