Hockey, Dream Interpretation

Hockey, a game popularized in Europe, uses a stick to slam a puck into a goal net. Hockey in a dream may comment on a battle in your company or business that might prove dangerous. Playing hockey may also represent an aggressive team that can get the job done.

See “ballgame”

To dream of a ice hockey or field hockey game, whether you are playing or watching, signifies success through your own hard work. Also see “Goalie.”

Hockey | Dream Meanings

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My Dream Interpretation

To dream about a hockey goalie refers to your ability to succeed through hard work.

If you dreamed of being a goalie predicts new friends and opportunities.... My Dream Interpretation

Psycho Dream Interpretation

Dreams about baseball, football, hockey, and the like reveal a subconscious desire for harmony and teamwork. Playing a game means you expect a fair deal from others. See Games, Tennis.... Psycho Dream Interpretation
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