Hunter’s Lookout, Dream Interpretation

Overview or warning of self-eleva- tion and arrogance.

Hunter’s Lookout | Dream Meanings

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The Language of Dreams

(see Healing, Herbs)

Soothing your wounds, especially those that have come from heated arguments. Aloe is nearly universally used in treating skin burns.

Fooling yourself or someone else. In Africa, aloe is used by hunters to cover up their human aroma. What are you trying to hide and from whom?... The Language of Dreams

The Language of Dreams

(see Birds, Feathers, Wings)

Having keen eyesight, or the ability to quickly recognize, and react to, opportunity (e.g., being “hawk-eyed”).

Hawks are very able hunters, so the question is, what do you seek?

Maneuverability; rising above problems. Hawks are also very powerful fliers.

The red-tailed hawk specifically represents healing in Native American traditions, and the spirit of life-giving water. Should one appear in your dreams, it signals the end of weariness or sickness, and renewed hope.... The Language of Dreams

Dream Meanings of Versatile

The inuit traditionally believed in a god-like power that is contained in all of nature.

The shaman is an important figure in their belief structure, being able to converse with the spirits. In dreams, the inuit reflect the harshness of life lived as hunters close to nature.... Dream Meanings of Versatile

Islamic Dream Interpretation

(Forest) In a dream, a jungle means people one cannot benefit from their company. Amongthem there is an intruder, for jungles grow on plants intruding upon one another, behind which hunters hide to jump at their prey. Ifthe jungle belongs to someone, then it represents enemies one will have to fight. (Also see Forest)... Islamic Dream Interpretation

The Language of Dreams

(see Animals)

Native American: The feminine power of water. Also gracefulness and playfulness.

Forgetfulness or lacking closure. Otters are known to take one or two bites from their food, then leave the rest behind when distracted by something else.

(see Bird, Feathers, Flying, Wings)


The ability to traverse the figurative darkness in your life.

As a companion and messenger to the Greek goddess Athena, an owl may presage new artistic abilities or the development of a warrior’s spirit.

A type of death dream. In Greece» dreaming of an owl foretold of death, the Vedic god of the dead sometimes sent owls as messengers, and the Celts associated owls with the god of the underworld.

Native Americans call owls the “night eagle,’” and consider them a symbol of silent observation with potentially deceitful motivations.

In Hopi tradition, the gift of an owl feather bestows truthfulness on the receiver. By accepting such a token in a dream, you accept yourself.

The ability to see what others are trying to hide from you, as the owl’s golden yellow eyes pierce the night.

Moving silently, or remaining silent in a situation. Owls are considered silent fliers.

Snow owls in particular are able hunters, representing the instinct to know where your sustenance lies, and how to effectively reach it.... The Language of Dreams

A Guide to Dreams and Sleep Experiences

The symbols are Virgin Mary, sometimes one’s own mother, a divine female, an old or ageless woman, the Earth, a blue grotto, the sea, a whale, a cave. Whatever the image, it often contains great religious feeling or spiritual up­lift. After all, our mother was the most powerful being in our early world. Did she admire hunters? Then we would kill dragons and cleanse the world. Did she feel the weight of the world? Then we would be the peacemaker and bring her joy.

The symbols of mother represent not simply our relation­ship with her, but also how it influences our own growth towards independence. As a baby our consciousness of self does not feel separate from mother.

The gradual separation of the sense of self is difficult. In some people it is never man­aged, even though they separate physically. Their mother, or their sense of their mother within them, still directs their deci­sions.

The old joke about My mother wouldn’t like this’ is true. In many older cultures this break was worked out in ritual tribal custom. Today we have to manage these subtleties of our psyche alone.

A woman must find a way of transform­ing the pleasure—or absence of it—of her mother’s breast into a love for a male.

If she cannot she may wish to return to the breast of another female, or be the man her father never was for her.

A man must find a way of transforming his un­conscious desire for his mother into love of a woman which is more than a dependent or demanding baby or youth.

If he cannot he may seek his mother in a likely woman, ignoring who that woman is as a real person. And the acceptance of our mother as she really is—a human being—precedes the acceptance of ourself as we really are.

The symbols of the Great Mother hold in them our aware­ness, unconscious as it may be, of the forces of nature active in us. These forces, in the guise often of a beautiful woman dancing or beckoning, are both wonderful and dangerous.

The dance of nature is unconscious.

If we get in its way we will be ground under its heel as it dances on its beautiful way.

To meet this aspect of ourself we must be both admiring and resourceful.

The danger for a man might be that he loses himself in desire for all women or one woman, for a woman, that she becomes a spiritual whore, thinking she can uplift all through her womb. ... A Guide to Dreams and Sleep Experiences

The Language of Dreams

(see Animals, Cat, Lion)

In India, an emblem of divine wrath being unleashed.

China: The Lord of Animals, who embodies the attributes of authority, courage, passion, adventure, and prowess. Similar symbolism exists in Japan where the tiger represents heroic energy and self-regulation.

Riding a tiger: Confronting dangerous elemental powers that might get quickly out of control without constant monitoring.

Learning patience and the value of silence in achieving your goals. Tigers are slow, meticulous, and silent hunters.... The Language of Dreams

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