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Picturing an ideal person in a dream is often a way to posit someone who is unattainable, and this enables one to avoid the terror of romantic involvement.

Idealization | Dream Interpretation

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The past of the dreamer, memories of past events (also in the sense of wanting to hold on to them and idealization). Playing with Light and Shadow (with so-called light and dark places), which means seeing life according to your own imagination. You want to focus on seeing clearly and recognizing what you see. You are working with the camera lens, which is a hint to be more objective.... Little Giant Encyclopedia

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One of the luckiest symbols, meaning completeness, zest for life, getting ahead, and always finding your way to the center of things.

The temple is also a symbol for Mother, and in that case is usually an idealization of mother. See Priest.... Little Giant Encyclopedia

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An idealization of the female body. Or wanting to “play the first violin.” As with all musical instruments, harmony is addressed; and as with all string instruments, the image symbolizes the “string of nerves,” as well as the mood and tension of a person.

The resonating power of a violin also points to how our inner world resonates. It could be interpreted as the “echo of the soul.”

If a string breaks, it means quarrels.

Folklore: Domestic happiness.... Little Giant Encyclopedia

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