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Islamic Dream Interpretation | Ibn-i Sirin

(Absent-mindedness; Distraction) Inattentiveness in a dream represents worries and trouble, misplacing things, or it could mean heedlessness.

Inattentiveness | Dream Interpretation

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The Language of Dreams

(see Black, Darkness, Eyes)

Entering a situation in which impartiality is nothing less than essential. In the Tarot, Justice is blinded so that she may render a fair judgment.

Not seeing something that’s important, a refusal to face reality, or overlooking the obvious (e.g., “wearing blinders”).

A sense of helplessness.

A type of desertion dream.

Turning your back on the issues due to overt romanticism (e.g., “love is blind”).

Wearing a blindfold: Self-imposed inattentiveness or ignorance; refusal to see things for what they are truly.... The Language of Dreams

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