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Initials for peoples’ names with whom you’ve had recent important

According to ancient dream oracles, a portent of the initials for future friends, lovers, or meaningful acquaintances. Look to the rest of the dream for more clarification on which outcome best applies.

Abbreviations for a well-known, easily recognized organization that has some symbolic import to your current situation.

For example, the AMA (American Medical Association) might relate directly to your health, and possibly the need to seek a physician’s advice.

A series of letters that acronymically relate to a well-known phrase or aphorism. While instances of this experience are less common, the subconscious sometimes reduces information into brief formats, akin to a mental shorthand. Even in this format, however, the dreamer usually recognizes the symbolic phrase quickly. One good example here would be the well-known “TGIF” as an abbreviation of “Thank God It’s Friday,” symbolizing some type of relief or jubilation.... The Language of Dreams

My Dream Interpretation

To dream about DNA is about your need to make a plan for yourself. You must focus and carefully plot out everything that you have to make happen, in order for you to move ahead in life. Learn from any negativity that you have experienced, and move forward. This dream may also represent the initials “D” and “A”, so consider who or what in your life has these initials.... My Dream Interpretation

The Language of Dreams

A sudden, and rarely pleasant, revelation or shaking of your foundations.

Anger or other emotions that threaten to blow up if not properly redirected.

What does the dynamite demolish? This may be a symbol of something within of which you wish to rid yourself. Due to the potency of dynamite, however, caution is indicated here. Don’t go after this ideal or characteristic so forcefully that you destroy something valuable in the process.

Do the initials TNT mean anything to you? This abbreviation for dynamite has been used for a long enough time that the subconscious may use the abbreviation as a vehicle for its message.

Unanticipated personal expansion or exposure.... The Language of Dreams

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