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We have prepared this site (dreampedia.org) in the form of an indexed dictionary of dreams to make it more accessible for readers from all walks oflife.

"The opinions stated in this book represent a wealth of similarities between nations and contain spiritual values that must not be overlooked. "

Islamic Dream Interpretation

This dictionary for Islamic dream interpretation contains over 6000 indexed entries.

Meanings and explanations of dreams in our web site, include tips and advice understanding why and how we dream, and also It informs you in detail the meaning of the symbols in the dream.

The Islamic Dream Interpretation and Dream Dictionary, keys to interpreting your dreams successfully.

The extensive indexes and well organized layout of this valuable website (dreampedia.org) make it a useful website of types of dreams and their meaning.

Islamic Dream Interpretation - The extensive indexes and well organized layout of this valuable site make it a useful dream dictionary of types of dreams and their meaning.

It is, moreover, the first Islamic guide in English to authentic dream interpretation.

It is hoped that this dictionary of dream interpretation will prove useful to students of culture and spirituality, but above all to seekers after truth.

This is the most comprehensive report on islamic dream interpretation that you will ever read. The Islamic Dream Interpretation, include timely tips and advice understanding how and why you dream, but also clues to help you zero in on and understand common symbols in dreams.

For a dream interpreter, it is also necessary to know that the soil is different from one land to another, because each soil is watered by a different quality of water. That is why dream interpretation may vary from one land to another. As we explained earlier, dream interpretation requires a concise knowledge that must be based on the fundamentals of one's religion, inner spiritual values, and moral and cultural traditions. Dreams also are influenced by the atmospheric condition of the land and culture. For example, if one who lives in a hot country sees snow or hail in his dream, it means rising prices or drought. On the other hand, ifone lives in a cold country and sees snow, rain, and hail, it means a good harvest and prosperity.

The dream interpreter must investigate each dream based on religious opinions, logic, idioms, crucial factors, dictating circumstances, parables, what is deemed correct, and he should not express a firm opinion, as we shall expand on this subject at a later part.

It is beneficial for a dream interpreter to have knowledge about astrology, numerology, lucky days of the week, lucky hours of the day and the night, natural medicine, and psychology, besides other sciences.

dreampedia.org in this "Islamic dictionary", the reader could find expressions with which he or she may not be familiar. However, to those who have knowledge, this work is intended to provide explanations by way of short traditions and explaining values that can initiate the groundwork for further study.

It is necessary here to state that if people depend solely on books to explain their dream, they will certainly fail to understand all the meanings. Thus, it is of great importance to seek a knowledgeable dream interpreter, or a wise Shaikh who is familiar with the fundamentals of dream interpretation, their inner and outer meanings. God knows best.

In seeking God's acceptance and invoking His bounteous blessings upon His Prophet Muhammad, upon whom be peace, I hope that this dictionary of dreams will help the reader to further his or her understanding of this art.

Interpreting dreams helps to put things in perspective. It recognizes their nature through scrutinizing and examining their effects in one's heart with analytical wisdom.

That you are looking our site about dreams and dream interpretation.

The contents herein are not intended to portray any particular person or gender, though sometimes one may discover astonishing similarities between beings, things, or instances. Still, use them as a guide, and definitely seek the counsel of a reputable dream interpreter for further elaborations.