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Ariadne's Book of Dream

Fingernails are human claws and thus relate to your ability to protect yourself.

For a woman, they may remark on her rage. Long fingernails may mention the need to claw through some great obstacle.

A broken fingernail may indicate a loss in the ability to protect your work or a creative project.... Ariadne's Book of Dream


Dream Dictionary Unlimited

Reveals the motive of intent; research distinguishing details, i.E. Color of polish, length, etc.; See “pointing”... Dream Dictionary Unlimited


New American Dream Dictionary

1. An indicator of social standing, appearances; social disgrace or respect and esteem.

2. Intellectual gifts, ability to learn and acquire new skills (well-groomed nails).

3. A difficult, seemingly impossible situation (to bite nails).

4. Deceptive or false appearances (fake or polished nails). ... New American Dream Dictionary


The Complete Dream Book

Dirty fingernails, either your own Or someone else’s, seen in a dream are an indication that you will be charged with a crime.

Clean and well-kept fingernails, with a high polish are an omen of deceitful acquaintances whom you see frequently.... The Complete Dream Book


Dreamers Dictionary

Vision: Filing your finger nails: you are very bored. See File. Fingernails are breaking off: deep down you hope that a certain matter does not succeed. Cutting your finger nails: you want to cut a person down to size. Seeing two hands with extremely long fingernails: a sign of powerful, aggressive emotions (conscious or unconscious). This dream may be a warning to you to hide those sharp “claws” or you may be bothered by someone else’s sharp intellect.

If these fingernails scratch anyone, beware—you are in danger of getting seriously hurt.

Depth Psychology: The fingernail usually symbolizes the “intellectual weapon” used to defend yourself against the attacks of others. Scratching someone means working off unconscious aggression. See Cat.... Dreamers Dictionary


Dream Symbols and Analysis

To dream that your fingernails break indicates that you are struggling to stay away from some circumstance or responsibility.

To dream that you are polishing your fingernails represents beauty.

To dream that you are chewing your fingernails suggests that there is a situation you feel is beyond your ability to deal with. You don’t know how to handle this circumstance.

To dream that your fingernails are growing quickly indicates your wish to connect with someone. You would like to reach out to others in some way.

To dream that a man has long red fingernails indicates that he is connected to his emotions and is sensitive to the needs and feelings of others. This dream may also represents sexual desires and sensuality.... Dream Symbols and Analysis


Strangest Dream Explanations

Dreams of fingernails represent protection and your ability to fend for yourself and take what you need.

If you dream of short fingernails, then this is about feeling vulnerable and/or functional.

If you dream of long fingernails, then this dream is about elegance and/or your ability to protect yourself.

If fingernails are dirty, this represents a lack of hygiene or care for personal appearance.

If the fingernails are polished and clean, this you care about being presentable, professional, making a good appearance, and having your act together.... Strangest Dream Explanations


Islamic Dream - Cafer-i Sadik

a vision of nails is interpreted upon 6 sides: strength, quantity & courage, intelligent child, a usefulness, [something] owned.... Islamic Dream - Cafer-i Sadik


My Dream Interpretation

-To dream of dirty fingernails, foretells that you or your family or social group will be embarrassed by something an immature person does.

If you dream of well-kept fingernails, it symbolizes your intelligence and ability to learn.

To dream of cutting yo... My Dream Interpretation

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