Wearing a pair of tight jeans in a dream may suggest that there is something in the genes that feels too restrictive. Your genetic imprints may express deeply seeded attitudes that drive your personality. Jeans may also represent a rugged attitude.

Worn to do an enjoyable tasks; if cut off or frayed, see “short shorts”

To dream of jeans symbolizes how you present yourself to others, and your status in life.

If the jeans were ripped, you are not thinking logically. You need to figure out a new way of thinking about a situation or relationship.

If they were dirty, you want to change something about your personality. Maybe it’s time to break old habits and ways of thinking.

If the jeans were too tight, you feel contrained in some way. Perhaps you feel suffocated in a relationship or repressed by your parents.

To dream about jeans that are too big for you indicates that you are lacking confidence in some situation. You may have been placed in a role that you don’t feel ready for, or are unsure of what to do next in a relationship.

If you dreamed of trying on several pairs of jeans, you need to establish a new self-image in order to fit into a new situation or role. You may be anxious about fitting in with others.

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