Manipulating a balance to benefit or manage one’s many obligations, financial, etc.

Juggling presupposes a learned response and an expertise which we may need spiritually to balance our lives.

Psychological / emotional perspective: The image of a juggler or of someone juggling suggests that we need to keep control of our own emotions or of those around us.

Material aspects: In waking life we often find we have to carry out a number of tasks at the same time. This may translate in dreams as juggling, the colour of the balls may help us to interpret the relevance.

To dream that you are juggling, indicates that you are trying to do much at one time.

Dreams of juggling signify that you are multi-tasking, and that you are feeling on the verge of being out of control with too many balls in the air. It is time to deal with your messiah complex: Attempting to be all things to all people. Your dream may be giving you the message that it is time to drop a few things, and learn to say “No” every once in a while. See Co-Dependant.

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Islamic Dream Interpretation

(Conjurer; Illusionist; Prestidigitator; Trickster) In a dream, a juggler represents amusement, distraction, a sleight of hand, sarcasm, mockery and lies.

A juggler in a dream also represents a prostitute, an adulteress, a procuress, or a servant. (Also see Juggling)... Islamic Dream Interpretation

Gypsy Dream Dictionary

You are of a very competitive nature.... Gypsy Dream Dictionary

Mystic Dream Book

An advancement in position will come within your grasp. Do not hesitate.... Mystic Dream Book