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Ariadne's Book of Dream | Ariadne Green

Expansion of the spiritual side of life is the message of Jupiter, the planet of spintual attainment and rewards. Jupiter’s influence brings about potent energy within a dream that may catalyze spiritual growth. It offers liberation from the limitations of life and announces a time when any idea may come into manifestation. It is a sign of financial good fortune.

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Depth Psychology: The planet Juniper means good fortune, growth, wealth, great plans, intellectual stimulation, prosperity, and tolerance.

The dream might also express certain appetites (cravings for food, drink, and sex), and you will satisfy them by hook or crook.

Islamic Dream Interpretation | Ibn-i Sirin

(Planet) The planet Jupiter in a dream represents a treasurer. Seeing it along with the Moon in a dream means business trading, prosperity, or rising in station. Ifone sees it descending, or star-crossed, or burning in a dream, then it represents literary gatherings, poetic recitals, dream interpretation, poetry, singing, prayers, fasting, making a pilgrimage to God’s House in Mecca and offering religious devotion. (Also see Heavens)

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To see Jupiter in your dream symbolizes success, optimism and/or spending sprees.

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Dreams of Jupiter, the second largest planet next to Venus, are about your judgments, opinions, abundance, power and influence.

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The Bedside Dream Dictionary

Greek god Zeus and the Roman god Jupiter are one and the same. Zeus is the god of gods. He is the creator of day, thunder and lightning, the seasons and is the “sky god.” Zeus holds supreme power and his decisions are not questioned as he is the father of gods and men. He represents external order and authority. His wisdom, power and sense of fairness supports the structure of the ancient Greek and Roman universe. Jupiter, or Zeus, is a “good father” that provides the opportunity for growth, development, prosperity and health. Jupiter, as a planet, has a central position among the other planets in the solar system. Mercury, Venus, Earth and Mars are on one side and Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto on the other. Astrologically, Jupiter represents balance, organization, abundance and optimism.

If you are down on your luck or a bit disorganized, this dream may be calling for awareness of supportive internal and external forces. Our dreams often compensate for what is lacking in daily life. In this way, dreams attempt to balance the psyche. Thus, dreaming of Jupiter is reassuring and invites the dreamer to access the power in his own psyche and to embrace a positive attitude. Jupiter is a reminder that there is an order to the universe that provides us with an opportunity to have a prosperous, balanced and joyful life. ... The Bedside Dream Dictionary

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