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To dream of karaoke is a demonstration of your overconfidence. You may be touting accomplishments or abilities more than you realize. Another meaning for karaoke in a dream is that you are not utilizing abilities or talents.

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To dream of singing karaoke is an expression of joy at having recently found an outlet for your talents where they are appreciated. However, if you dream of trying to sing along to a karaoke machine but you can’t read the words, expect recent frustration to continue.

New American Dream Dictionary | Joan Seaman - Tom Philbin

1. Fear or reservation about one’s abilities (being unable to sing one’s “song”).

2. Being dependent on others.

3. Desire to copy or imitate.

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If you dream you are singing at a karaoke bar or with a karaoke machine, this represents your desire to be heard and to passionately express your full voice.

The song that is being sung plays an important role in the understanding of this dream.

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My Dream Interpretation

To dream that you are taking part in a talent show, indicates some feelings of insecurity or trouble with expressing yourself in real life.

The attitude and behavior of the audience will also guide you in how you think others perceive you. (If they act rowdy and boo, you are quite insecure; if they cheer for you, your self-esteem is improving). This dream also reflects your need to be the centre of attention and win approval from others. Also see “Beauty Pageant” and “Karaoke.”... My Dream Interpretation

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