Kilt, Dream Interpretation

Dreams of a kilt are symbolic of the blending of the masculine and feminine energies within you; the integration of polarities, and music and weapons.

A ceremony/ rite of passage is taking place in your life.

Kilt | Dream Interpretation

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Dream Meanings of Versatile

The abnormal or strange traditionally has possessed magical powers, possibilities or opportunities. In dreams we tend to lose the logical scientific side of ourselves and to tap into the more aware open side. Such things used to be beyond understanding and, therefore, appear abnormal and, even today, can make us aware of potential beyond the obvious. In dreams abnormality often represents something that we instinctively feel is wrong, not balanced properly or out of kilter. With an understanding of spirituality we are more able to put the balance right.... Dream Meanings of Versatile

Little Giant Encyclopedia

Remembering vacation; androgyny, because of the Scottish kilt.

Folklore: Relationship difficulties.... Little Giant Encyclopedia

The Language of Dreams

(see Dieting, Weight)

How does this tool appear? Is it lopsided? If so, consider if you have been stressing certain things too much in your life, resulting in throwing everything else off kilter.

An alternative emblem for the zodiac sign of Libra, whose name literally means balance.

The counsel of this image is using perspective and fairness to reach a harmonious decision in whatever situation lies heavy on your heart.

The quality of living. In ancient Egypt, the souls of the recendv departed were weighed for worthiness on a scale against Maat’s feather. Maat was the Mother of All Truth. Similarly, in ancient Greece, Hermes weighed souls at the throne of Zeus, and among Christians, the archangel Michael assumed this role.

Equity especially in legal matters. In the Tarot, the Justice card carries a balance to ensure impartiality.

The amount of figurative weight you carry in terms of responsibility, burdens, etc.... The Language of Dreams

Ten Thousand Dream Dictionary

1- When a line appears in a dream as crooked, there is usually the need to register the oddity, as being out of balance or off-kilter. There may be some insinceritv in our dealings with others.

The line may be any sort of line, such as a queue of people, a line of cars or whatever.

2- We must acknowledge our own ability to be diverted from truth and honesty.

3- Deviance from the norm in a spiritual sense can be a falling away of the standards we have set ourselves.

If we are aware of this on a spiritual level, a crooked line will often appear in a dream.... Ten Thousand Dream Dictionary

Dream Meanings of Versatile

The dreamer realizes that some of his impulses are out of kilter.... Dream Meanings of Versatile

The Complete Dream Book

To dream you see a swarm of flies signifies enemies and unreasonable persons that will scandalize you.

To dream that you shut in files, and that you kilt them, is good to ail except to countrymen and plough mea.... The Complete Dream Book

The Language of Dreams

(see Animals)

Because of the giraffe’s extended neck, this animal often symbolizes someone who take unnecessary risks and put themselves on the line for other people (e.g., “sticking your neck out”).

The height of the giraffe affords it a unique perspective.

The caution here is not to become meddlesome in this investigation. Use your heightened awareness discreetly and wisely.

The long legs of this creature provide swift movement (see Velocity). Just take care where you step along the way.

If gathering water, this represents counsel from the subconscious to keep your eyes on the horizon when it comes to emotional or intuitive matters. Giraffes are most vulnerable when they drink, as it sets them slightly off-balance. Raising your sights back up may avert an unanticipated problem that could likewise set you off-kilter.... The Language of Dreams

Mystic Dream Book

It is a favourable dream to see anyone, man or woman, wearing the kilts.... Mystic Dream Book

Dream Explanations of Astro Center

Often times, dreaming of illness has been shown to be a warning of an impending illness, the nature of which is sometimes revealed in the other symbols in the dream.

If the dreamer has been feeling weak, or under a lot of stress, she should consult a doctor.

If the dreamer has not been feeling ill, this is a symptom of something else in your life being out of kilter. Again, look to the other symbols in the dream.

Dreaming of others being ill is a warning of upcoming difficulties with your relationships. Astrological parallels: Pisces, Neptune Tarot parallel: The Moon... Dream Explanations of Astro Center

Dream Meanings of Versatile

Material aspects: Dreaming about plumbing looks at the way we direct our emotions. It indicates how we make use of our emotions to bypass obstacles in order to create security for ourselves and to control the flow of emotions within. Another interpretation is that of the internal plumbing. Often, to dream of plumbing in this sense alerts us to something that is perhaps out of kilter with ourselves, with our bodies.

A leaking steam pipe might suggest, for instance, a problem with hypertension.

A pump might symbolize the heart. Obviously, such images should not be used as diagnostic tools in any way.... Dream Meanings of Versatile

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