The meaning of lady in dream | Dream Interpretation

Gypsy Dream Dictionary | Raymond Buckland

See Meeting.

New American Dream Dictionary | Joan Seaman - Tom Philbin

1. A good omen regarding health and ambition.

2. A sign of maturity, refinement and thoughtfulness in aspects of life, often relationships.

3. The feminine side of self.

The Complete Dream Book | Gillian Holloway

A naked lady seen in a dream is a fortunate augury if the circumstances are not scandalous.

Lady In My Dreams | Dream Interpretation

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Dream Dictionary Unlimited

Joyful princess, ruler... Dream Dictionary Unlimited

Mystic Dream Book

Good luck in a small venture.... Mystic Dream Book

Dream Dictionary Unlimited

One who is irritating, but harmless; see “insect”... Dream Dictionary Unlimited

New American Dream Dictionary

1. An omen and symbol of good fortune and happiness. Wordplay on a woman who is annoying or “bugs” someone. Good work or business affairs. ... New American Dream Dictionary

Ariadne's Book of Dream

A fiery red insect, the ladybug may be a sign of a woman’s own rage, which can gnaw away at or destroy opportunities of growth. It may fly in to ask the question, “What is bugging the lady?” As it eats aphids, it offers protection to your beauty.... Ariadne's Book of Dream

Dream Symbols and Analysis

To dream of a ladybug represents good fortune. It also refers to a satisfactory career.... Dream Symbols and Analysis

My Dream Interpretation

Dreaming of a ladybug is very good luck. Good fortune is coming to you.... My Dream Interpretation

The Fabric of Dream

A dream of evil reports that will injure the dreamer (Gypsy). ... The Fabric of Dream

Mystic Dream Book

This is not a favourable dream, and indicates domestic trouble. ... Mystic Dream Book

Mystic Dream Book

To dream that you are speaking to a Lord, or some person in high authority, signifies social success, but not necessarily a monetary gain. It is purely personal. See KING.... Mystic Dream Book

Expansions Dream Dictionary

Ego-thinking; left brain.... Expansions Dream Dictionary

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