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Dreamers Dictionary

Vision: Seeing a jark-n’-lanrern is always a warning: stop what you’re doing—you’re on the wrong path. “The light at the end of the tunnel” is a deception.

The same is true if in your dream you are lost or the road ahead is the wrong road.

Depth Psychology: Jack-o’-lanterns and interesting but deceptive road signs (representing your ideas and goals) are always tempting, but they will lead you astray. This is an important dream and a warning. Get past illusions and tricks and try to get to the bottom of it! Pay attention to the rest of the images in the dream.... Dreamers Dictionary

The Fabric of Dream

To dream of carrying one on a dark night foretells riches; to stumble denotes trouble; for the light to be darkened or extinguished, poverty (Artemidorus). Modern symbol of lanterns, leadership; Christian symbol, piety and truth; the tarot gives it as a symbol of wisdom.... The Fabric of Dream