Free spirited, joyful messenger

A lark traditionally represents the transcendence of the mundane, overcoming the everyday problems to reach a wider viewpoint.

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Vision: Hearing a lark sing: your private life and professional work are going well.

A lark high in sky: life will get easier. See Bird, Heaven.

Depth Psychology: A lark indicates lofty intellectual goals; it also means you have a better understanding of your past and present situation—and a better idea of your future!

See Bird.

tzool.) A lark in a dream represents a little boy.

Singing bird. Good perspective, because the “lark” flies high in the air. Joy.

1. A good omen if the lark is healthy and flying, usually re­garding dreams and personal goals.

2. A good friend, very loyal.

3. Good news and great success.

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To see larks flying, denotes high aims and purposes through the attainment of which you will throw off selfishness and cultivate kindly graces of mind.

To hear them singing as they fly, you will be very happy in a new change of abode, and business will flourish.

To see them fall to the earth and singing as they fall, despairing gloom will overtake you in pleasure’s bewildering delights.

A wounded or dead lark, portends sadness or death.

To kill a lark, portends injury to innocence through wantonness.

If they fly around and light on you, Fortune will turn her promising countenance towards you.

To catch them in traps, you will win honor and love easily.

To see them eating, denotes a plentiful harvest.

The song of the lark heard in a dream presages a happy, carefree life.

A lucky dream forecasting health and prosperity (Raphael) ; the symbol of joy and of praise (Bayley).

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Learned one, declaring enlightenment to others... Dream Dictionary Unlimited

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It is one of the best omens possible to hear a bird singing happily ; it is Nature in her kindest mood. But if the songster is shut up in a cage, then your own greed will cause the failure of your plans.... Mystic Dream Book

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To dream of a meadowlark implies that you have a positive perception of your current situation and your environment. You always see the good in a negative situation.... Dream Symbols and Analysis

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