Whatever was launched has entered into a new course of action

In the sense of setting a boat afloat, a launch picks up the spiritual significance of a boat and also suggests some kind of initiation or the beginning of a process.

Psychological / emotional perspective: Launching is associated with throwing – particularly a lance – and, therefore, emotionally represents perhaps an initial enthusiasm or enjoyment.

Material aspects: Launching a project in a dream suggests the beginning of an exciting time.

A launch was initially a smaller boat for use on a larger one, so therefore can suggest an offshoot of a task or idea.

To dream of a ship launching from the wharf or pier implies the birth of an exciting project or news of an actual pregnancy.

To dream that you are attending a rocket launch indicates a dream coming true and cautions dedication and focus to keep grounded.

To be at your own book launch may symbolize the beginning of a new chapter in your career.

Dreams of a launch symbolize that you are ready for take off; a public entrée for your career and/or relationship. Prepare for a blast off into exposure and recognition.

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Islamic Dream Interpretation

(Ballista; Battering ram; Mangonel) Seeing a mangonel or a missile launcher for hurling heavy stones in a dream means calumny, slander and a false accusation of fornication, untruth, or deceit.

A missile launcher in a dream also means victory for the oppressed and destruction for the unjust ones.

If the commander who is operating the missile launcher in the dream is 282 a ruler, then it means that he will write a letter with strong words to the other party.

The stone or the missile itself represents the messenger, or the carrier of such a letter.

If a superior launches a stone against a subject or an employee in a dream, it means that he will send an investigator, a controller or a supervisor of a stern nature. Watching the launch of a mangonel in a dream implies treachery, betrayal and a cause of’losses and sufferings. It also means defamation of the learned ones, or forcing them to downplay the ruler’s injustice, or to give utilitarian and opportune opinions about sacred religious values. Seeing a missile launcher in a dream also may signify corruption, adversities and trials that will befall the target of such missiles.... Islamic Dream Interpretation

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