Deeply buried past experience which has pushed to the surface; heated emotions and sexuality; sometimes physi­cal illness such as fever.

Destruction, judgment, Rev. 8:8

Sorrow and humility, the aftermath of a burn-out caused by restraining a mountain of troubles; see “eruption”

See volcano

Depth Psychology: Repressed (unconscious) feelings and emotions are going to erupt soon. See Crater, Heat, Mountain, Volcano.

An important dream symbol, pointing to inner, psychic energies. Uncontrolled release of tension.

If you dream of flowing lava, your selfishness may lead you into complicated adventures. This dream could also represent your strong romantic passions and feelings. Also check the meaning for “volcano.”

1. Repressed anger, fear, coming to the surface.

2. A sense of vulnerability, possible danger.

3. Excitement is in the offing, likely regarding relationships.

Dreams of lava symbolize the melting down of your ego walls. You are dealing with intense passionate feelings that are bubbling up to the surface, and you are allowing suppressed emotions to erupt. See Volcano and Breakdown/Breakthrough Dreams.

see Volcano

(see Disasters, Fire)

As the child of a volcano, this stone represents creative eruptions of some type. This is a flash of insight, bridging artistic obstacles, and resulting in true genius.

Hawaii: Health and well-being, especially if someone is seen in a circle of lava stones. More drastic healing and cleansing is symbolized by being within hot, flowing lava.

Reciprocity with nature. Hawaiian lore claims that the goddess Pele does not allow anyone to take lava stones without leaving a small offering first that acknowledges the gift of the earth.

Flowing lava becomes a river of fire, indicating a similarly fiery course for your life right now. However, lava does cool eventually, as will circumstances. With the settling, new foundations will develop.

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