License, Dream Interpretation

Evidence of permission

1. Mobility, obtaining freedom (as in “license to drive”).

2. Change in life stage and status, a rite of passage.

3. Change in situation, possibly employment.

Dreams of a license signify -recognition of your status, validation of your worthiness, and that you are giving yourself permission to have authority over your life.

To dream of a license, is an omen of disputes and loss. Married women will exasperate your cheerfulness.

For a woman to see a marriage license, foretells that she will soon enter unpleasant bonds, which will humiliate her pride.

An automobile license seen in a dream is an omen of meeting a person of the opposite sex who will have an important message for you. This may lead to an engagement and a happy marriage.

Getting either an automobile or dog liccnse in a dream predicts surprising and profitable news from an unexpected source.

License | Dream Interpretation

Keywords of this dream: License

New American Dream Dictionary

1. Identity.

2. Mobility, independence.

3. Achieving a new level of growth, dignity. ... New American Dream Dictionary

Little Giant Encyclopedia

Symbolizes identity. You have been recognized as mature enough to become a Leader. You can move freely (symbol of freedom). Loss of driver’s license, loss of identity, immaturity. Searching for the driver’s license, searching for one’s identity.... Little Giant Encyclopedia

Ariadne's Book of Dream

Losing your driver’s license in your dreams may comment that you have lost your true identity. It may also signify a loss of freedom to move toward your own goals and destination in life. Your own driver’s license appearing in your dream may comment that you are having an identity crisis. Finding someone else’s driver’s license may suggest that his or her true identity has been revealed to you.... Ariadne's Book of Dream

My Dream Interpretation

To dream about your driver’s license suggests that you are facing some kind of identity crisis.

If you lose your driver’s license in your dream, you have lost your true identity. Perhaps you have lost the independence or will to pursue your goals. Also see “Driving Test”, below.... My Dream Interpretation

The Language of Dreams

Rights and privileges; things that we can and cannot do legally or morally. So, the questions here pertain to what type of license is pictured, and what’s happening with the license in the dream. Is it being granted, taken away, torn up?

If you have a driving test or have to attend driving school soon, this is likely a circumstantial dream that requires no further interpretation (see Car).... The Language of Dreams

My Dream Interpretation

To see a license plate in your dream represents liberty and the freedom to run your own life.... My Dream Interpretation
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