Symbolic of watching out for and protecting others, Ps. 41:1-2

One who watches over another’s safety, either an authoritative figure or a guardian angel

To dream that you are a lifeguard indicates that you are extremely careful about the emotional aspect of your waking life. This means that you are looking for someone to guide and support you while you discover your unconscious.

If you dream of a lifeguard, this indicates you do not completely trust your own instincts. You want some help coming up with the answer to a personal problem. This dream can also symbolize the need for protection or nurturing in one’s life.

1. “Guarding” or “guarded” feelings.

2. A need or desire to be rescued from feelings of “drowning” or being over­whelmed.

3. A need or desire to be needed, to “rescue” situa­tions or people.

Dreams of a lifeguard represent heroism, -sacrifice, and possibly co-dependence.

A lifeguard in your dream also represents your awareness that you are protected by a higher being. See Angel and Hero.

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Saves one from drowning in their sea of troubles; see “lifeguard” and “boat”... Dream Dictionary Unlimited
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