Lilac, Dream Interpretation

The fragrant lilac stimulates intuition and dreams.

To dream of a lilac indicates heartache and rejection. Additionally, this dream reminds you to be wary of your environment. Things that you see and hear should not be taken at face value.

Vision: Seeing a lilac bush: you need affection and tenderness.

The fragrance of lilac indicates budding love and romantic feelings.

A wilted lilac bush: a wonderful love affair is ending in disappointment. Picking lilacs means someone is admiring you.

Depth Psychology: This fragrant flower is a sign of budding love; it is also a symbol of romance and the need for affection and tenderness.

Love, tenderness, and romance. It is also a warning against arrogance and witchcraft.

Folklore: Finding love.

Conceit. Do not think too much of appearances, either in yourself or in others.

1. New beginnings, renewal and healing.

2. Feelings of at­traction, sexuality.

See Flower.

Lilac | Dream Interpretation

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My Dream Interpretation

To see lilac in your dream indicates disappointments and rejection. It also wanrs that you should not always rely on what you see or hear.... My Dream Interpretation
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