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Recognition of one’s success

Limelight | Dream Interpretation

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Dreamers Dictionary

Vision: Seeing a clenched fist in front of your face: an enemy is planning to attack you.

If you are raising a fist against someone else: you want to be in the limelight, be in front.

If you were able to remove an obstacle with your fist: you have the strength to make many things possible.

Depth Psychology: The fist is a symbol of Aggression, strife, and internal tension. It is a warning of danger, conflicts, and arrogance. See Hand, Thumb.... Dreamers Dictionary

Dream Meanings of Versatile

Material aspects: Dreaming of a penalty goal can mean, if we are shooting this goal, an opportunity to be in the limelight because of someone else’s mistake.

If the opportunity for such a goal is our fault, it is a warning to be more careful.... Dream Meanings of Versatile

Little Giant Encyclopedia

Points to an important position at work or position in life.

A desire to be more in the limelight, as in Arena. Are you outgoing? Do you share of yourself? What role have you played, or what mask have you been hiding behind? What piece have you forgotten?... Little Giant Encyclopedia

Dreamers Dictionary

Vision: Being on stage: do you want to be successful on the job without working for it? Seeing other people on stage: you are envious and don’t want to admit it! Take a good look at yourself: are you really honest and forthright—with yourself and others?

Depth Psychology: A stage might indicate that you want more respect; or you are recognizing your desires, interests, and hopes as a “stage of your life.” Do you want more attention—do you want to be in the limelight? Is there a drama in progress on stage? See Actor.... Dreamers Dictionary

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