Liver, Dream Interpretation

Irritability; suggestion for health or diet changes, per­haps in connection with alcohol. See body.

Figurative of bitterness and cowardice

The liver is representative of irritability and suppressed anger.

See body

To dream of a liver may represent an insecurity about your health. Alcohol may be causing you problems physically or socially. You may feel that you have missed opportunities or hurt friendships by drinking.

Vision: Eating liver: pay more attention to your health—you might become ill. Buying or looking at liver: your health is going to improve. Looking at spoiled liver: illness is about to strike. Be particularly carehd with alcohol and medication.

Depth Psychology: The liver is often a sign of impending illness; sometimes it is a warning of physical, emotional, or mental “poison” you have either inflicted on yourself or others have inflicted on you. You are weak right now. In case of emotional poison, get rid of the “garbage,” and do a thorough cleansing!

(See Body)

First, make sure that you do not have real, physical complications involving the liver.

If you don’t, this symbol refers to restlessness and irritability—something is galling you. Also, it is a symbol of vitality and productivity.

Folklore: Eating liver leads to good health.

To see yours or someone else’s liver in your dream suggests the possibility of a physical disorder, possibly due to an addictive or compulsive behavior. Or, this dream could also mean that there is someone in your life who may not be looking out for your best interests.

If you dreamed of eating, cooking or serving liver, your health is going to improve.

To eat it, good health.

1. Feelings of fatigue, a drain on vitality.

2. Repressed anger, bile.

3. Possible health issues.

4. Improving circumstances.

see Body

To dream of a disordered liver, denotes a querulous person will be your mate, and fault-finding will occupy her time, and disquiet will fill your hours.

To dream of eating liver, indicates that some deceitful person has installed himself in the affection of your sweetheart.

It is a sign that you will enjoy good health if you dream of eating liver.

A dream of your own liver indicates that you will develop your own personality to advantage.

Dream Of Liver | Dream Interpretation

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