Lynch, Dream Interpretation

A violent act such as lynching – sentencing to death by mob rule – suggests an abrupt end to a great negativity.

Psychological / emotional perspective: Lynching appearing in a dream indicates that there is a complete lack of control of our emotions and we are unable to put a stop to our own destructiveness.

Material aspects: When we are having to defend our own corner, our way of working, or our own beliefs, a violent reaction can lead to dreams of lynching. Such dreams are less likely in this day and age, but could be classed as nightmares when we are under extreme pressure.

1. Guilt, regret and a need to make amends.

2. Inertia, immo­bility.

3. Feelings of persecution.

Lynch | Dream Meanings

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Christian Dream Symbols

Symbolic of a group of people who hate you, Acts 16:22 NLT... Christian Dream Symbols
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