Magazine, Dream Interpretation

Research the name or type of publication to establish a relation or reference to

New and various ideas.

To dream you are reading a magazine means that if you apply yourself you will make great advances.

To see a magazine rack or someone else reading a magazine, means that you will come into contact with someone who is able to help you advance.

To read a magazine in your dream, indicates that you are open to new ideas. Consider also the theme and name of the magazine and its symbolism.

To dream of looking at clothes in a fashion magazine, signifies that you are working hard and not having a lot of fun lately.

Dreams of a magazine represent education, voyeurism, sensationalism, and that you may be putting someone on a pedestal.

If you dream of seeing your picture in a magazine, then this forecasts status and success.

If this is a tabloid magazine, then you are identifying with the drama of celebrities and the archetypes they represent. Consider whom you are reading about. See Newspaper and Celebrity.

It depends on how the magazine affects you in your dream whether or not the omen is good.

If its contents, illustrations and make-up give you pleasure, you will have a profitable experience.

Magazine | Dream Interpretation

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Islamic Dream Interpretation

Books and magazines that are rolled up in a bundle symbolise news that is concealed. Books that are laid open symbolise news that is plain and obious.... Islamic Dream Interpretation

Mystic Dream Book

Printed papers are not favourable omens in a dream. Be careful if you would avoid loss.... Mystic Dream Book

New American Dream Dictionary

1. Search for inner self or identity.

2. Quest for knowl­edge, information.

3. Bettering oneself intellectually.

4. Feeling sales pressure. ... New American Dream Dictionary

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