Magnification, Dream Interpretation

(See Giant)

Items that amplify or magnify, like eye glasses, microscopes, and telescopes, instruct the dreamer to look closely at something. Scrutinize and analyze any information that comes your way right now. Alternatively, these may be a counsel to examine your way of life more closely, taking care that each element is in its right place.

Items that get magnified out of proportion in a dream are meant for stressing a specific point. Anything overly large is something you likewise perceive as big to the point of overwhelming. Small items are those you consider more trivial (see Size).

Magnification | Dream Interpretation

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The Language of Dreams

A basic building block around which your life is currently revolving.

A very simple thing, person, or situation that holds tremendous potential for both good and ill.

Pay attention to minute details; look closely and see what you discover (see Magnification).... The Language of Dreams

Islamic Dream Interpretation

(Aggrandizement; Colossal; Death; Hulk; Magnification) If one sees his body grown to be gigantic and beyond the normal size in a dream, it means his death.... Islamic Dream Interpretation

Ten Thousand Dream Dictionary

1- A kaleidoscope connects us with our childlike selves, and the patterns that such a toy creates reminds us of the mandala (see Mandala). We are able in dreams to appreciate the beauty of basic patterns. Just as a child is fascinated by the pattern that a kaleidoscope creates, so the dream image can introduce us to the creativity which can often become trapped.

2- The magnification of the pattern created by small objects harks back to the sense of wonder that is felt in being human. We become aware of our own ‘smallness’ within the larger scheme of things.

3- A kaleidoscope can symbolise the patterns that we make for ourselves in times of spiritual self- doubt.... Ten Thousand Dream Dictionary

Dream Meanings of Versatile

Psychological / emotional perspective: The magnification and myriad reflections of the patterns created by small objects as they are tumbled together permits us to recapture the sense of wonder that is felt in being human. We become aware of our own ‘smallness’ within the larger scheme of things.... Dream Meanings of Versatile

Dream Symbols and Analysis

To dream of a penguin represents your magnification of a seemingly petty concern. This is a prompt for you to keep your composure and guard your objectivity. On the other hand, a penguin implies that you feel let down by your feelings. You need to bring equilibrium and peace to your life.... Dream Symbols and Analysis

The Language of Dreams

(see Magnification)

How large or how small things look in a dream is a very revealing factor.

For example, seeing yourself as minute might indicate that your self-esteem needs work. Conversely, seeing someone in giant form reveals idolization, sometimes to a dangerous point that a person cannot possiblv live up to in reality. Over- or underem-phasized objects can be interpreted similarly, like a large heart equating to an immense capacity to give and receive love, or a tiny wall indicating something you see as only a very small obstacle to your goals.

Narrow or wide: Narrow might reveal narrow-mindedness, while wide angles show more openness and receptivity.... The Language of Dreams

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