Manslaughter, Dream Interpretation

To dream of manslaughter represents anxieties regarding some situation or issue in your life. There may also be some sort of rumor or indignity that is affecting you.

See MAGISTRATE. But this dream is more serious, and foretells family troubles and disagreements, whatever the ultimate issue may be. It is an unfortunate omen, even though you are acquitted and set free.

For a woman to dream that she sees, or is in any way connected with, manslaughter, denotes that she will be desperately scared lest her name be coupled with some scandalous sensation. See Murder.

Manslaughter | Dream Interpretation

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Mystic Dream Book

See MANSLAUGHTER. Naturally this dream is even more serious in its warning than Manslaughter, for it shows that you have lost control of your difficulties. You cannot expect to succeed, so should do your utmost to lessen your liabilities and your risks.... Mystic Dream Book
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