Marigold, Dream Interpretation

The marigold represents the divine Mother’s wealth bestowed on the dreamer.

Love, beauty, and sentiment; the “gold” implies a monetary blessing

Trouble and jealousy.

To dream of marigolds implies that your life will be long, happy, and full of prosperity. You will avoid grave illnesses and hardships.

Dreams of marigolds represent the golden sun and all its blessings. In India, this represents matrimony and the richness that comes from a commitment made in love. See Gold and Flower.

see Flowers

To dream of seeing marigolds, denotes contentment with frugality should be your aim.

Marigold | Dream Interpretation

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The Fabric of Dream

Constant lover, happy marriage, advancement, riches (Raphael). It is called the flower of flame or light, and is also used to break the spells of enchantment.... The Fabric of Dream

Mystic Dream Book

See under COLOUR. Most flowers owe their power in a dream to their colour. But as a rule, they are fortunate, and will to some extent counteract any bad influences at work against you.... Mystic Dream Book
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