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Marvel | Dream Interpretation

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Psycho Dream Interpretation

Dreams of a hospital are logical to employees and the medical staff connected with this marvelous institution. They are also common to sick people, but to those who are apparently not ill, a dream of a hospital indicates a fear of confinement, perhaps death itself.

If the dreamer is in a hospital bed with the attendance of nurses, the dream is significant of a type of helplessness with a wish to have people wait upon him (or her).... Psycho Dream Interpretation

The Language of Dreams

(see Numbers)

The unfolding of mystical relationships and the understanding of universal truths. Alternatively, a renewed focus on spiritual matters as they pertain to you personally

Marvels. There are seven wonders in the world, seven colors in the rainbow, etc.

Inventive energy that comes to fruition. Biblical creation took seven days, including God’s day of rest.... The Language of Dreams

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