Medals, Dream Interpretation

To be awarded a medal or to be wearing one means that you will receive recognition for an accomplishment.

To see someone else wearing a medal means you must try to curb feelings of jealousy.

To dream of wearing them, merry times are to come soon.

To dream of wearing medals is a forerunner of a season of merrymaking.

Medals | Dream Interpretation

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Ten Thousand Dream Interpretation

To dream of medals, denotes honors gained by application and industry.

To lose a medal, denotes misfortune through the unfaithfulness of others. ... Ten Thousand Dream Interpretation

The Fabric of Dream

To dream of receiving medals for good conduct denotes depravity and loss of character (Raphael) Evidently a wish dream arising from the consciousness of a guilty conscience.... The Fabric of Dream

My Dream Interpretation

To see or win medals/medallions in your dream signifies that you will achieve some honor through hard work.

To lose a medal in your dream, foretells misfortune through the unfaithfulness of others.... My Dream Interpretation

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