Mines, Dream Interpretation

For many a place of work; otherwise the uncon­scious and its resources; bringing to consciousness one’s po­tential and innate wisdom. Entrance to mine; feelings about the unconscious; vagina. See ore.

Mines represent the entrance into the subconscious, which you can explore to discover the jewels, treasures, and other resources within. Entering a coal mine may represent a dangerous journey through your own soot or darkness in order to transform it into fuel for the soul.

Your business will increase.

also see Digging

1- Dreaming of mines signifies bringing the resources of the unconscious into the light of day. We are able to use the potential we have available. Interestingly in dreams mines can also represent the workplace.

2- This is one of those symbols which can actually be a word play.

The things in the dream are ‘mine’.

3- Mines spiritually suggest the ability to ‘mine’, or learn from the emerging unconscious.

Mines | Dream Interpretation

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