Mink, Dream Interpretation

Seeing or wearing a mink coat indicates strong sexual urges, materialism, and a good deal of ambition. All three desires need to be reined in! See Fur.

Dreams of mink signify luxury, sexiness, extravagance and the sacrifices one must make in order to have a lavish lifestyle.

A young woman who dreams of being presented with a mink ooat is in danger of being criticized for behavior which, although innocent, may have the semblance of dissoluteness.

To dream of stroking the soft fur of a mink garment, foretells a proposition of some sort that should be weighed carefully before accepting, as it may be compromising.

Mink | Dream Interpretation

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Vision: Seeing a fur coat: even good habits are not always properly appreciated by others. Wearing a fur coat: other people’s efforts and hard work might give you a big win or good profits. Lying on a fur: your life right now is very comfortable; you don’t need to work very hard. Receiving a fur coat as a gift: you will soon either marry for money or start a new business relationship.

Depth Psychology: See Animals, Mink.... Dreamers Dictionary

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