Mission, Dream Interpretation

A place of refuge and shelter, i.E.

To help the desolate, whether at home or at a formal mission

See Church or Quest.

Mission | Dream Interpretation

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New American Dream Dictionary

1. If one can’t get into a place because of lack of money, this may mean some sort of obstruction, emotional or actual, is in place.

2. One owes a loved one some emotional debt.

3. If one can’t gain entry, this means a poor self-image.

4. Need to unbur­den guilt. ... New American Dream Dictionary

Islamic Dream Interpretation

Seeing oneself being admitted into hell is a warning that the observer will plunge into commission of serious crimes.

If he sees himself as being unharmed by Jahannam, it is an omen that he will suffer much grief and sorrow, the extent depending on how much he sees.... Islamic Dream Interpretation

Dream Meanings of Versatile

The conflicts that arise in us because of our sexual desire for someone can be dealt with in the dream state through dreaming of emission or orgasm.... Dream Meanings of Versatile

A Guide to Dreams and Sleep Experiences

Example: I was in a cubicle or small toilet with a very black coloured woman. She told me there was something wrong with her vagina. She was undressed. I rubbed her vagina and we both felt enormous passion. I then woke but couldn’t at first remember the dream. I have re­frained from sexual intercourse for some weeks, as I always feel shattered/tired afterwards. Anyway I awoke very wet, yet couldn’t remember any ejaculation. Then I remembered the dream and continued it in fantasy. I experienced powerful urges to find a woman to have a non-committed sexual rela­tionship with. But in the end I wanted to share my feelings with my wife, but she seemed deep asleep’ (Alan P).

The example shows how our sexual needs attempt to satisfy them­selves even though we may make a conscious attempt to deny them.

The ejaculation, male or female, shows the sexual na­ture of one’s dream, even if the symbols seem to have no obvious connection.

The attitudes in one’s dream also show something of our relationship to sex. This may be mechanical, fearful, loving, etc. Alan sees sex as a problem to be solved, and has difficulties around commitment. ... A Guide to Dreams and Sleep Experiences

Islamic Dream Interpretation

(Abraham; Ismail: Immolation; Liberation) Manumission of a slave in a dream represents a ritual sacrifice, or the offering of an animal during the Feats of Immolation, on the 10th day of the Arabic month of ZulHijjah, and following the annual pilgrimage to Mecca.

If one gives permission to his wife to leave him in a dream, it means that they will be divorced.

If a bondman sees himself liberated in a dream, it means that he or his master may die shortly.

If a bondman dies in a dream, it means that he will be liberated. Manumission means departure from bondage.

If a sick person sees himself liberated from bondage in a dream, it means his death.lfhe is a sinner, it means that he will repent for his sin. Ifhe is an atheist, it means that he will become a believer and God Almighty will forbid his flesh to hell-fire.

If a free man sees himself liberated from slavery in a dream, it means that he will repay his debts, or repent for his sins. (Also see Feast of Immolation; Slave)... Islamic Dream Interpretation

New American Dream Dictionary

1. Willingness to take chances.

2. Very determined.

3. Feelings of love.

4. Religious feelings.

5. Helping others out with advice or spiritual leadership. ... New American Dream Dictionary

Christian Dream Symbols

Symbolic of ministerial work, Acts 15:36 ... Christian Dream Symbols

Mystic Dream Book

A change to more interesting work and to truer friends. Do not be made unhappy by the desertion of a fickle companion.... Mystic Dream Book

Dream Meanings of Versatile

See spiritual imagery in the introduction... Dream Meanings of Versatile

My Dream Interpretation

If you dream of asking permission to do something, you are doubting your own judgement. Alternately, you may be tempted to do something you know is not good for you in a real-life situation.

If you are denied permission to do something you want in a dream, you are feeling frustrated by restrictions and rules.

If someone asks your permission in a dream, you have more power in a personal relationship than you might think.... My Dream Interpretation

Dream Meanings of Versatile

A permit suggests that recognition has been given by authority. In spiritual terms this indicates that permission has been given, or initiation has taken place to enable us to act in a certain way.... Dream Meanings of Versatile

Dream Meanings of Versatile

Psychological / emotional perspective: When we permit certain actions this suggests that we approve of what is being done.... Dream Meanings of Versatile

Dream Meanings of Versatile

Material aspects: When we find ourselves seeking permission in dreams it may be that we are uncertain of a particular course of action and feel that we need to have our decisions validated.... Dream Meanings of Versatile

Dream Meanings of Versatile

Gives gender - specific: In both men’s and women’s dreams, a permit can suggest the right to a relationship. Permission may be required from either party or from others for such a relationship.

A backstage permit indicates the ability to get to know somebody better.... Dream Meanings of Versatile

Islamic Dream Interpretation

(See Islam; Slave)... Islamic Dream Interpretation

Dream Dictionary Unlimited

İf missing or broken, one’s power of transition in a situation is useless... Dream Dictionary Unlimited

New American Dream Dictionary

1. The ability to adapt to society or life’s demands (ve­hicle transmission; note the condition of transmission and abil­ity to “shift gears”).

2. The ability to communicate in general terms, broadcast self-image and intent.

3. A message is attempt­ing to pass from one level of consciousness to the next. ... New American Dream Dictionary

Ariadne's Book of Dream

Transmission problems in a car or truck may be a response to an inability to shift geans and to proceed with increased power. Problems with transmission may also reflect your denial or inability to receive a message.... Ariadne's Book of Dream
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