Mite, Dream Interpretation

One who is irritating in small ways; see “insect”

Mite | Dream Interpretation

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Ten Thousand Dream Interpretation

To see dynamite in a dream, is a sign of approaching change and the expanding of one’s affairs.

To be frightened by it, indicates that a secret enemy is at work against you, and if you are not careful of your conduct he will disclose himself at an unexpected and helpless moment. ... Ten Thousand Dream Interpretation

Dream Dictionary Unlimited

A warning that an explosive situation is going to take place unless precautions are taken; a short fuse is a quick temper... Dream Dictionary Unlimited

New American Dream Dictionary

1. Repressed anger, rage.

2. Rapid changes in situations in the offing. ... New American Dream Dictionary

Christian Dream Symbols

Symbolic of an explosive situation... Christian Dream Symbols

The Language of Dreams

A sudden, and rarely pleasant, revelation or shaking of your foundations.

Anger or other emotions that threaten to blow up if not properly redirected.

What does the dynamite demolish? This may be a symbol of something within of which you wish to rid yourself. Due to the potency of dynamite, however, caution is indicated here. Don’t go after this ideal or characteristic so forcefully that you destroy something valuable in the process.

Do the initials TNT mean anything to you? This abbreviation for dynamite has been used for a long enough time that the subconscious may use the abbreviation as a vehicle for its message.

Unanticipated personal expansion or exposure.... The Language of Dreams

Dreamers Dictionary

Vision: Sitting on a box of dynamite is a bad omen, indicating impending danger; be particularly careful right now. Watching as dynamite is being laid: under no circumstance should you get involved in other peoples’ business—things would only turn out to be very unpleasant. Wherever you look you see nothing but dynamite: new plans and goals wipe out old obstacles—but do not be reckless! See Bomb.

Depth Psychology: Dynamite is a symbol of a sudden impulse to develop new projects, set new goals; it might also indicate recklessness (physical, emotional, mental) used in order to reach a goal.

If that is the case, the dream is a warning!... Dreamers Dictionary

Strangest Dream Explanations

Venting dreams about exploding with anger or passion; out of control feelings that have been bottled up but can no longer be contained.... Strangest Dream Explanations

My Dream Interpretation

To see dynamite in your dream symbolizes a fast-approaching, major change in your life. You may be harboring aggression that is about to blow up.... My Dream Interpretation

Islamic Dream Interpretation

(Broker; Stockbroker; Wood warm) In a dream, termites represent jealousy, envy, perfidy, competition in knowledge, or search for arguments.

If one sees termites in his carry-on bag, or eating from his staff in a dream, they mean his death. Termites in a dream also represent a slanderer who tricks wealthy people to make his commission by advising them to place their money into bad investments.

If a sick person sees termites inside his house or clinging to his skin in a dream, it also means his death.

If one sees termites eating his wooden door, table or bed in a dream, they mean an illness. Termites in a dream also means having a large family with little income.... Islamic Dream Interpretation

Christian Dream Symbols

Tiny nuisances, things that bother you that you can’t seem to fix or get rid of ... Christian Dream Symbols

Dream Symbols and Analysis

A dream in which you see termites signals temporary prosperity for you.... Dream Symbols and Analysis

Dream Dictionary Unlimited

A warning, whether literal or figurative; see “insects”... Dream Dictionary Unlimited

My Dream Interpretation

To see termites in your dream foretells a temporary increase in fortune over a short period of time.... My Dream Interpretation

Dream Dictionary Unlimited

Literal... Dream Dictionary Unlimited
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