Monument, Dream Interpretation

A permanent recognition

Vision: Building a monument: your efforts will soon be rewarded. Looking at a monument of yourself you have a tendency to overestimate your talents. Arrogance, unrealistic expectations, and grandiose plans could cause people to ridicule you. Seeing someone else as a monument is a sign of envy. Seeing a monument of a person you know means profiting from the success others have achieved.

Depth Psychology: 1’he monument represents people who have been recognized for a special achievement; or it may remind you of an important event.

(Edifice; Imposing structure) In a dream, a monument means lies, falsehood, arrogance, or destruction.

An imposing monument in a dream also may mean spiritual guidance.

Success, reward for efforts or trouble, seeking power as in Sword, but not that aggressively.

Any handsome Monument is a good omen. Success is coming your way, as a reward of effort.

1. Remembering someone very important in one’s life.

2. Phallic symbol.

Monument | Dream Interpretation

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Islamic Dream Interpretation

Continuity of what is common, such as dwellings, status or being in a dream means a lastingjob. It also means increase in one’s devotion if one sees himselfperpetually glorifying, praising and remembering God Almighty. When one invokes the sovereign attributes of God Almighty at the sight of a cemetery or a ruin, and ifhe follows that by crying and lamenting in the dream, it means stress caused by affiliation with such monuments.... Islamic Dream Interpretation

Little Giant Encyclopedia

Frequently the “great” parent or parents, ancestors, etc. Memories from childhood situations, because, from the perspective of small children, their parents seem very large.

The image points to inherited or early childhood experiences. In the end it is also a fascination with all that is huge and monumental; you either desire to be in command, or you’re in love with your own status.... Little Giant Encyclopedia

Islamic Dream Interpretation

(See Monument)... Islamic Dream Interpretation

Islamic Dream Interpretation

(See Monument)... Islamic Dream Interpretation

The Language of Dreams

A memory resurfacing of a place or location that you visited before. Ask yourself if there was something about that region or experience that pertains to your present situation.

If you have never traveled to this place before, consider its name, location, and the landmark itself for more interpretive value.

For example, seeing “Old Faithful” might speak of your own timeliness or dedication (see Water).

Possibly the manifestation of a memory from a past life experience. Even so, there is something important about this experience that directly relates to your circumstances now.

Monuments appearing at the landmark show your loyalties to someone, something, or a situation. Such loyalties can be good or bad influences, so check the condition of the monument for further insight here.... The Language of Dreams

New American Dream Dictionary

1. Stability and longevity.

2. Focus and direction toward achieving goals and dreams.

3. Monumental change in the offing. ... New American Dream Dictionary

Ten Thousand Dream Dictionary

1- Dreaming of stone can suggest stability and durability, but also a loss of feeling.

To be carving stone is to be attempting to create a lasting monument.

2- Stone has many connotations on an emotional level.

For stone to be broken up signifies being badly- hurt. Being turned to stone would suggest that we have had to harden up our attitudes. Being stoned could have two meanings. One is being punished for misdemeanours; the other is being under the influence of drugs.

3- Stone signifies the imperishability and the indestructibility of Supreme Reality.... Ten Thousand Dream Dictionary

Dream Meanings of Versatile

Material aspects: Dreaming of stone can suggest stability and durability, but also a loss of feeling.

To be carving stone is to be attempting to create a lasting monument.... Dream Meanings of Versatile

Little Giant Encyclopedia

Appears rarely in dreams. It is a symbol of power and intellect. See Knight. Seeking power, as in Monument and aggression. Frequent symbol for intellectual work since the sword separates and, therefore, leads us to make decisions. We use the sword to fend off somebody and it is, in that sense, a sign of distancing and individualism.

According to Freud, a phallic symbol, as is Knife. In psychoanalysis, separation or fear of separation, as in Goodbye, Abortion, Corpse, Death, Divorce, and Funeral.... Little Giant Encyclopedia

Little Giant Encyclopedia

Something secret, monumental. It could be torturing somebody with suspense, but it is often connected to fear of pain.

If you are torturing somebody else, it is usually aggression against your own habits, for which the Other is simply a symbol.

If you are being tortured, you are harming yourself, revealing a tendency toward masochism, which we probably all have.

On the other hand, hidden behind such a dream might be a need for more tension or excitement in your life.

An unconscious sadomasochistic attitude may be clamoring for release. Are you sure that what is called sexual lust is not part of a full range of sexual pleasure? In another sense, these dream situations might be an expression of tension due to repressed feelings of revenge. You may not be willing, except in dreams, to do to others what you feel is being done to you. Those are a few of the scenarios such dreams deal with.... Little Giant Encyclopedia

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