Moor, Dream Interpretation

To walk over Moorlands signifies prosperity, especially should the way lie uphill.

Moor | Dream Interpretation

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Little Giant Encyclopedia

Prudish restraint, emotional tension. Naturalness and asceticism.

Folklore: Luck.... Little Giant Encyclopedia

Little Giant Encyclopedia

See Swamp, Mud. Physical desires that are being repressed, that are dragging you down. Fear of death or fear of life. You are unable to move forward, and are being held back—pulled back—into the unconscious through fear of the feminine. On a positive note, the wild side of the character can be helpful in healing.

Folklore: Obstacle dream.... Little Giant Encyclopedia

The Fabric of Dream

An unfortunate dream (Gypsy), The general superstition attached to a dream of darkness or black objects seems to apply here.... The Fabric of Dream
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