Mop, Dream Interpretation

Used to clean floors and mop up water, a mop in your dream may point to a process of cleaning up after an emotional storm in your life such as in an argument or a disappointment. It may also point to tears of sadness that may need sopping up.

Symbolic of the need to clean out an area of your life, Gen. 35:2 NLT

See “clean” and “foundation”

You will need forethought and carefulness to avoid coming trouble.

Mop | Dream Interpretation

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Ten Thousand Dream Interpretation

To dream of hearing the gramophone, foretells the advent of some new and pleasing comrade who will lend himself willingly to advance your enjoyment.

If it is broken, some fateful occurrence will thwart and defeat delights that you hold in anticipation. ... Ten Thousand Dream Interpretation

Mystic Dream Book

Pleasant tidings from a distance.

An unexpected discovery will be made.... Mystic Dream Book

My Dream Interpretation

To dream that you are mopping suggests that you are letting go of something. You need to release your emotions and express it in a productive way.

If you see a mop in your dream, this symbolizes domesticity. It may also represent the work needed to maintain and keep a household or family relationships together.... My Dream Interpretation

Dream Dictionary Unlimited

See “depressed”... Dream Dictionary Unlimited

Little Giant Encyclopedia

As in Motorcycle, only less powerful.... Little Giant Encyclopedia
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