Morning, Dream Interpretation

See time of day.

Our youth, or the first part of our life; energy, en­thusiasm.

Lovingkindness, Ps. 92:2

Time of new beginning

See time

Vision: Morning is a symbol of youth, noon a symbol of maturity, afternoon a symbol of the autumn of life, and evening the beginning of the end.

Depth Psychology: Morning is the symbol of youthful energy and vitality (even if you are over 70 years old!).

The morning is reminding you of the many possibilities of the day.

In a dream, the morning represents the fulfillment of a promise, or it could mean an unavoidable happening.

If one sees himself unhappy and miserable in the morning hours in a dream, it will denote a low spiritual state, lack of religious coherence, or it could mean sinfulness.

If an honest person sees the morning in his dream, it could mean either glad tidings of a new born if he is generous, or loss of his wealth if he is stingy.

If a farmer sees the morning in a dream, it means a penalty, a punishment, or financial losses for that year.

If one loses something then finds it in the morning in his dream, it means that he will provide a proof that will inculpate his enemy.

If a sick person sees the morning in his dream, it means either recovering from his illness, or it could mean his death. Ifone leads others in prayers in such a dream, it means travels, or making a pilgrimage to Mecca.

If the dream is interpreted to be his death, then it means a good end to his life in this world, light in one’s grave, or that God willing, he will enter paradise.

If one sees the morning and solicits water to drink, or purchases food, or barters for some barley in his dream, it means that he will overcome his difficulties and dispel his adversities. Ifa prisoner sees the morning in his dream, it means that he will be released shortly.

If one’s travels are impeded by whatever cause, then seeing the morning in his dream means solving such problems and proceeding on with one’s plans.

If one is having difficulties with his wife, then seeing the morning in a dream means divorce or separation.

If a sinner sees the morning in his dream, it means repentance from his sin and egress from heedlessness.

If a merchant or a businessman who is having trouble in his trade sees the morning in his dream, it means good news and business growth. In general, seeing the morning in a dream means relief from difficulties, escape from danger, a good harvest, or winning one’s freedom.

An excellent sign. Your fate is protected from evil. Be confident.

Dreams of the morning symbolize a new beginning, that you have a clean slate, a fresh perspective.

The morning also represents your connection to youth, virginity and inspiration.

see Time

To see the morning dawn clear in your dreams, prognosticates a near approach of fortune and pleasure.

A cloudy morning, portends weighty affairs will overwhelm you.

When you are interpreting a dream, the setting is generally important. It provides clues about the larger and the true meaning of the dream.

The morning is a symbol of new beginnings and of purity. It suggests endless possibilities and a unique innocence.

The early morning is a time of peace and quiet. It is a perfect time for reflection and is symbolic of the birth of man in Eden. Thus, some consider the morning as a time of blessings and of promise.

If the setting of your dream is the morning, then its interpretation should be made in the light of positive aspirations and optimism.

Morning | Dream Interpretation

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