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The fundamental, primordial, sensual, slimy basis of life and how we relate to it; emotions which cause us to feel bogged down; past experience which may hold us back, but has enormous growth potential in it; the healing possibilities of our body and its minerals. Body dirty with mud: ill health; one’s life needs ‘cleaning up’ morally. Sinking into mud: sex­ual difficulties; feelings of hopelessness or despair. Idioms: mud slinging, drag somebody through the mud; a name is mud; stick-in-the-mud.

If a person is covered in mud it may symbolize being tainted or spotted by sin, Isa. 57:20

Criticism, i.E. Mud slinging; see “mire”

Spiritually mud represents the very basic materials of earth and water from which we are all formed, and thus its appearance in dreams indicates the need to go ‘back to basics’.

Psychological / emotional perspective: Mud represents the fundamental substance of life, which, handled properly, has a tremendous potential for growth but, handled badly, can be dangerous. Many cultures believe mankind was fashioned from clay mud to give him structure. In dreams, if the mud is too dry we have suppressed emotion, if too wet, like marshland, we cannot develop a proper way of working.

Material aspects: Mud in a dream suggests that we are feeling bogged down, perhaps by not having sorted out practicality and emotion (earth and water). Mud can also represent past experiences or our perception of them, which has the ability to hold us back.

To dream of mud means that you are involved in a complex and compromising situation. It is probable that you are in need of some clarity of mind.

To dream that you are walking in mud denotes that you are weighed down and frustrated by certain problems in your waking life.

To dream that your clothes have been smeared by mud signifies that your credibility is being questioned. Consider the term ‘mud-slinging’ to refer to some political antics.

Vision: Wading through mud: things will move painfully slowly in the next few days, the mood is bleak and troubles abound. Getting stuck in mud: you are in a difficult situation and need some peace and quiet to figure out how to get things moving again. Most of all, you need to stand on solid ground again. Looking at mud: you are in the company of questionable people. See Manure, Quagmire, Swamp.

Depth Psychology: Manv treasures could be hidden in the “mud of the unconscious.” Dig them up, even if it means getting your hands dirt)’. Mud points to negative things from the past which—if you dig them up—could provide insight and wisdom. Maybe you are afraid of fears and cravings you think are “dirty”? Beware, though, that the more you repress these emotions, the more power and influence they have over you. Taking a mud bath: healing from emotional illness. Mud dreams are very important. Pay close attention to other symbols in the dream. Do you feel “dirty”? Are you and your partner “slinging mud” at each other? Or are you “stuck in the mud”? Since mud consist of part Water and part Earth, make sure you explore both of these topics as well. See Dirt.

This is a symbol of evil that is being directed at you.

If you are spattered with mud, then people are maligning you.

If you walk or drive through mud, you will come into contact with people who will speak ill of you.

(See Mire; Tattoo)

To see mud in your dream could indicate body problems in which some internal cleansing is needed. Mud dreams are common when people have a stomach ache.

To dream that you are walking in mud, suggests that you are feeling weighed down by a situation, problem, or relationship.

To see others walking in mud in your dream, foretells that bad rumors about your friends will reach your ears. It will be up to you whether to believe those rumors or not.

To dream that mud has gotten on your clothing means your reputation is being attacked by someone.

A dream of contrary. Good fortune awaits you.

Dreams of mud represent hopelessness, despair, and that you have been stuck in old, outworn habits. Keep in mind that in the darkest mud the lotus flower is formed, which symbolizes the wisdom and compassion gained through facing your deepest and darkest fears.

If mud is being thrown, then you fear being discredited.

The mud is not a place to live, but a phase to pass through as you integrate your shadows into your light. See Dirt and Quicksand.

1- Mud in a dream suggests that we are feeling bogged down, perhaps by not having sorted out practicality and emotion (earth and water). Mud can also represent past experiences or our perception of them which has the ability to hold us back.

2- Mud represents the fundamental substance of life which, handled properly, has a tremendous potential for growth but handled badly can be dangerous. Other circumstances in the dream will indicate what we should be doing.

3- Spiritually mud represents the very basic material from which we are all formed, and the need to go ‘back to basics’.

To dream that you walk in mud, denotes that you will have cause to lose confidence in friendships, and there will be losses and disturbances in family circles.

To see others walking in mud, ugly rumors will reach you of some friend or employee.

To the farmer, this dream is significant of short crops and unsatisfactory gains from stock.

To see mud on your clothing, your reputation is being assailed.

To scrape it off, signifies that you will escape the calumny of enemies.

Someone will seek to blacken your reputation if you dream of being splashed with mud.

To dream of getting your feet muddy is a warning against indiscretions with the opposite sex.

To dream of being covered with it denotes slander (Gypsy).

(see Di?-t, Earth)

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(See Sludge)... Islamic Dream Interpretation

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a vision of mud in a cold land, is more difficult, than his vision in a hot land.... Islamic Dream - Cafer-i Sadik

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See Bog. Fear of sinking and of stagnation. Being a mixture of water and earth, this image refers to emotions flowing and needs realized.... Little Giant Encyclopedia

Dreamers Dictionary

Vision: Seeing or stepping on a mud pile means good luck— take advantage of the chances that are coming your way. See Excrement, Manure. Toiling in the mud: success and wealth through hard work.

Depth Psychology: Dreaming about mud is a sign of good luck!... Dreamers Dictionary

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Dreams of a mudslide symbolize an emotional meltdown, a loss of a mental construct that used to make you feel safe and grounded. You are going through major changes and transformation and you are feeling that your life structures are in an upheaval. See Breakdown, Breakthrough and Earthquake.... Strangest Dream Explanations

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(arb.; See Half a bushel)... Islamic Dream Interpretation

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Look to your footing, especially in high places. Take no risks of a fall. Pleasure from a reestablished friendship.... Mystic Dream Book

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If a person is in a muddy pit it symbolizes a place of destruction, Ps.40:2... Christian Dream Symbols

Christian Dream Symbols

This is symbolic of impure doctrine, stagnant living, or a spoiled and foul environment, Prov. 25:26... Christian Dream Symbols

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To dream about a mudslide represents powerful emotions which you have been holding back for a long time.... My Dream Interpretation

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A flaw... Dream Dictionary Unlimited

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These symbolize grief, sorrow and fear. Their magnitude depends on how much soil or mud is seen.... Islamic Dream Interpretation

Islamic Dream Interpretation

The one who reads it will be in straitened circumstances but Allah will remove his difficulties.... Islamic Dream Interpretation

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Dreams of this sacred text are about law, right and wrong, morality, judgment, and your own personal code of conduct.... Strangest Dream Explanations
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