Museum, Dream Interpretation

Memory; family and cultural heritage; the living past within us.

Secure place where sentimental items of importance are kept for display, whether public or private

The past is a learning tool that can be observed at some length, and a museum, like a library, is a place where knowledge and expertise can be accessed and given due reverence. Gaining spiritual knowledge in particular allows us to progress.

Psychological / emotional perspective: A museum can represent a place where we store our memories and, therefore, can represent the subconscious – it is that part of ourselves that we will usually only approach in an effort to understand who we are and where we came from.

Material aspects: A museum in a dream denotes old-fashioned thoughts, concepts and ideas. We may need to consider such things but perhaps more objectively than subjectively.

Usually represents the dreamer. What is being exhibited there?

Museum dreams are powerful signs that the dreamer needs to look to past experiences for answers to a present situation.

Dreams of a museum signify a desire to preserve great moments of your past. Perhaps you are paying homage to how far you’ve come. Also, you are connecting with precious relics of your soul that you want to cherish.

1- A museum in a dream denotes old-fashioned thoughts, concepts and ideas. We may need to consider such things but perhaps more objectively than subjectively.

2- A museum can represent a place where we store our memories and therefore can represent the subconscious it is that part of ourselves which we will usually only approach in an efiort to understand who we are and where we came from.

3- The past as an interesting relic that can be observed at some length, and then moved away from in order to progress.

To dream of a museum, denotes you will pass through many and varied scenes in striving for what appears your rightful position. You will acquire useful knowledge, which will stand you in better light than if you had pursued the usual course to learning.

If the museum is distasteful, you will have many causes for vexation.

It is a sign of rapidly changing conditions in your business conditions if you dream of examining art treasures in an art museum.

(see Antiques, An)

Your own past, or humankind’s collective past.

The foundations of your thoughts, actions, and ideas, some of which can (and should) be dusted off so that understanding, integration, and growth can occur.

Museum | Dream Interpretation

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A Guide to Dreams and Sleep Experiences

According to modem theory, the amount of information the human brain can hold is more than is held in all the books in the Library of the British Museum. Gradually it is becoming recognised that informa­tion gathered is not simply what we ‘learn’ from vocal com­munication, or read, or set out to leam. In fact an unimagin­able amount of information gathering has gone on prior to speech, and goes on at an unimaginable speed prior to school years. Consider a small preschool child walking into the gar­den It has learnt gradually to relate to muscular movement, balance and its own motivations and feeling reactions in a way enabling it to walk. It has already grasped thousands of bits of ‘information’ about such things as plants in the garden, the neighbour’s cat, the road outside, possible dangers, safe areas. Stupendous amounts have already been absorbed about interrelationships.

An idea of ‘reality’ in the sense of what is probable, and what would be dangerously out of norm, has been formed. We gather information in ways little recognised. How our parents relate to their environment and to other people is all recorded and leamt from, bringing about enor­mous ‘programming’ affecting how we act in similar circum­stances.

As explained in the entry on the dream as spiritual guide, we have great ability in ‘reading’ symbols, ritual, an, music, body language, architecture, drama, and extracting ‘meaning’ from them. So we have immense stores of information from these sources. Work done with people exploring their dreams over a long period suggests that some of these information resources are never focused on enough to make conscious what we have actually learnt. Sometimes it is enough simply to ask oneself a question to begin to focus some of these resources. Such questions as what social attitude and response to authority did I learn at school? What feeling reaction do I get when I am in the presence of someone I know well? These may help to bring to awareness aspects of information gath­ered but remaining unconscious. These unfocused, or uncon­scious, areas of information can explain why we have appar­ently irrational feeling responses to some people or situations.

the body A lot of what we call the unconscious are basic physiological and psychological functions.

For instance in a modern house, when we flush the toilet, we do not have to bring a bucket of water and fill the cistern again.

A self regu­lating mechanism allows water to flow in and switches it off when full. This is a clever built-in function that had to be done manually at one time. Nowadays we have built into some dwellings fire sprinklers or burglar alarms. Through re­peated actions over thousands or millions of years, many ba­sic functions, or functions only switched on in emergencies, have been built into our being. We do not need to think about them, just as we do not have to give awareness to the fire sprinkling system or toilet each time we walk through a room or flush the toilet. They are therefore unconscious.

Research with animals in connection with rewards and conditioned reflexes has shown that by gradually leading an animal towards a certain performance by rewarding it each time it gets nearer to the goal, it can do the most amazing things. It can increase the circulation of blood to its ear, slow its heart, and in fact influence body functions which were thought to be completely involuntary. Where human beings have learnt to use some of these techniques—such as raising the temperature of an arm at will, or helping to increase the efficiency of the immune system—the actual processes still remain unconscious. In general, however, the body’s func­tions are thought to be outside our awareness, and so are one of the areas of the unconscious. ... A Guide to Dreams and Sleep Experiences

My Dream Interpretation

To dream that you are on a tour in a foreign country or place, means that the realization of your heart’s desire is closer than you imagine. Persevere and have patience! If you dream of going on a museum tour, you will have unexpected good luck through a social contact.... My Dream Interpretation

Strangest Dream Explanations

Dreams of wax represent wealth, riches, being polished and refined in a superficial way.

If this is a house of wax or a wax museum, then this dream is giving you the message to stop being so disingenuousness, or alternatively, to stop being so gullible by the falsities with which people are trying to impress you.... Strangest Dream Explanations

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