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Highly esteemed one

Nora | Dream Interpretation

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Islamic Dream Interpretation

(Demanding person; Obtrusive person) It is common among the people of knowledge to describe an ignorant person as a stone. (Also see Darkness)... Islamic Dream Interpretation


Mystic Dream Book

To dream that you are Ignorant, or cannot understand some matter, is an omen of contrary. Success will crown your efforts.... Mystic Dream Book


Dream Dictionary Unlimited

Bright, enlightened spirit... Dream Dictionary Unlimited


Christian Dream Symbols

Symbolic of the nation of Israel, Ex. 25:31-40 ... Christian Dream Symbols


Ten Thousand Dream Interpretation

To dream of a panorama, denotes that you will change your occupation or residence. You should curb your inclinations for change of scene and friends. ... Ten Thousand Dream Interpretation


Dream Dictionary Unlimited

A series of events fit together when details are researched... Dream Dictionary Unlimited


New American Dream Dictionary

1. An all-encompassing, wide view or vision of the world—likely life in general, sometimes situations.

2. A need or desire to make great changes—often in professions, likely in location or environment. ... New American Dream Dictionary

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