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See metal

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An excellent omen of riches and honour.

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1- More often than not a nugget is made of gold and therefore signifies the best part of a situation. In dreams we mav find that there is a piece of information or knowledge that is represented by a nugget.

2- Precious metals are usually found in nuggets in a raw state. Often gold will represent the masculine, and silver the feminine. So, to find either in a dream signifies finding a part of ourselves that we did not know existed. It may be in a rough state, but with work can be made into something beautiful.

3- Spiritually a nugget will represent knowledge, power and psychic ability. It is the kernel of an idea or concept.

The Complete Dream Book | Gillian Holloway

To dream of finding a nugget of gold or other precious metal predicts an elevation above your present position.

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Found a very bigg gold nugget pepol looking vor it i melt iet into vissing waights paint them and hide it

Dreaming of a crock of gold and given a big nugget of gold and sliver and black in one nugget from a leprechaun

Gold nugget

Chicken nuggets


Found gold nuggets

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