A dream in which you cook with nutmeg indicates that you may wish to add some spice to your life. You may be looking for more entertainment or excitement. Alternatively, nutmeg may also symbolize fond memories of home.

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If you dream of grating nutmeg, this is a sign that your social life will be busier and you will be doing more entertaining. But if you dream of tasting or smelling nutmeg, this is a warning that you need to look more carefully into the motives of those around you or you could end up being played.

1. Change, often in prosperity and financial matters.

2. A measure of success in social affairs, the degree to which the present company is viewed as pleasant.

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To dream of nutmegs, is a sign of prosperity, and pleasant journeyings.... Ten Thousand Dream Interpretation

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These are a prophecy of someone trying to cheat you in a business deaL.... The Complete Dream Book

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A probable change in your business will lead to travel overland.... Mystic Dream Book