One-self; a beginning; the first; unity, being alone, inde­pendence. Just one left: near the end. Idioms: it’s all one to me, one up, at one with; one and only, one off.

The number one represents the self and self- exploration. Appearing on a door, it may open to your first opportunity toward fulfilling your dreams. It may mention to look to yourself for the answer. Relanng to the connectivity to God, it may represent oneness.

The number one also denotes wholeness and new beginnings.


Oneself, the beginning, the first, unity. Independence, self-respect, resolve, singleness of purpose. Intolerance, conceit, narrow-mindedness, degradation, stubbornness.

To dream of the number one represents individuality, isolation, ego, power, authenticity, beginning, and superiority.

The number one in your dream also symbolizes a higher spiritual being.

One means fundamental wholeness, and is the symbol for all that is godly. As an organizing number, it is the starting point and has the highest ranking; it is the symbolic number for the SUN.

One stands for strength, but also for what you do with it.

The One points to strong willpower, mental power, and control, as well as drives, urges, and the desire for independence.

The One type of person is the typical hermit who “goes it alone”—usually very successfully, but with a fierce determination can also destroy his/her life. Friendships are pleasant but not a necessity. One is creative, has powerful traits, and is an “original”—tough, assertive, stubborn, and ambitious. In general, the One always means a new beginning, something primary that can’t be shared with others. One is a part of everything—it symbolizes masculinity, individuality, and an independent personality.

The mind and reasoning ability are strong. They are risk-takers. Do you want to become aOne with yourself ? Or with another person? Do you want to create a base from which to operate? Then just “do it”! See Sun.

Owe-people have birthdays on the first, tenth, and 28th day of the month.

Unity. See Circle, Ball. That which is indivisible, the self.

In dreams, the number one stands for individuality, solitude, the ego, leadership, originality, and a winner. It also stands for a higher spiritual force.

If you dream of the number one, then this represents unity, synergy, wholeness, individualist desires, independence, and the need for personal attainment. You may be connecting you’re your feelings of leadership, and of being a creative role-model.

(see Numbers)

The creative, originating energy of the universe. God (the first self-created power).

The self and the individual’s relationship to, or awareness of, that essential nature.

Single-mindedness, focus, unity.

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