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Meeting or ‘facing’ a situation; opposition or resis­tance to decided direction.

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See position

Dream Meanings of Versatile | Versatile - Anonymous

Anything in a dream that is opposite us may suggest difficulty in reconciling two paradoxes (good / bad, male / female etc.). This can sometimes suggest conflict. One thing deliberately put opposite another suggests a deliberate attempt to introduce discord. When something is deliberately moved from being opposite in a dream, any differences that we have may be reconciled.

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(See Opponent)

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The Language of Dreams

Some dream researchers, especially at the turn of the century, theorized that the symbols in dreams were opposite to what they appeared. Good represented evil, joy represented sadness, a man represented a woman, and so on. This idea is worth considering if the other approaches to vour dream have yielded little or no meaning.

To see two opposite items in a dream can reflect improved balance between different facets of the psyche. Alternatively, this can represent a dichotomy that causes inner turmoil over two equally important goals or ideals.

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An optimistic hue, denoting improved self-love, high energy, and a clear emotional state.

Bright, fiery oranges are the color of aggression. This hue needs gentle control so that angry outbursts don’t occur.

Also the color of autumn, thereby denoting a harvest of characteristics that you have sown and tended with care.... The Language of Dreams


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Crossing over to another reality; balancing.... Expansions Dream Dictionary

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