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also see Orchestra

1- The organist as an image is the part of us which knows how to make use of the various vibrations of which we arc formed. When we dream of such a figure we are appreciative of the fact that, as with an orchestra, the various notes that we play can be brought into harmony. This, however, requires some skill in making the sounds available.

2- Expressing ourselves successfully is a learnt skill.

The organist represents that part of us which is prepared to be disciplined and determined in order to enable us to be listened to and heard properly.

3- The Higher Self.

Ten Thousand Dream Interpretation | Gustavus Hindman Miller

To see an organist in your dreams, denotes a friend will cause you much inconvenience from hasty action.

For a young woman to dream that she is an organist, foretells she will be so exacting in her love that she will be threatened with desertion.

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A maiden who dreams that she is playing an organ must beware of being too exacting in her demands upon her lover and should zealously avoid any actions which might indicate that she is jealous.

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also see Music, Musical Instruments and Organist

1- We all have certain aspects of our personality which must work in harmony with one another for us to function properly. Dreaming of an orchestra represents ways in which we can bring all those aspects together and make a coherent whole.

2- When we wish to orchestrate something, we want to make it happen. This occasionally means that we must take action which enables us to be heard and to have people understand us. When we find we are conducting an orchestra in a dream, we feel we can accept we are in control. When we are a member of an orchestra we are simply part of a greater task.

3- We are capable of operating in spiritual harmony.... Ten Thousand Dream Dictionary

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